• Facilitating the sustainable development of SS businesses and institutions
  • Facilitating the sharing, transfer of knowledge and expertise between International and South Sudan governments, institutions and businesses
  • Facilitating collaborate efforts between International and SS entities (i.e. businesses, government and Non-governmental Organizations)
  • Working toward ways to enable favorable trade and resource sharing
  • Establishing a central resource for International business, professional, and civic community for exchanging ideas and strategies on trade and investment in SS.
  • Providing a comprehensive resource for SS companies seeking partners, investors, or research on establishing a presence in other countries.
  • Providing leading research and publications with in-depth insight into SS industries and sectors of interest for members.
  • Creating information business forums that educate the International business community on the cultural, legal, political, and economic infrastructure of SS
  • Providing direct access for the business community of SS to International Industry through international seminars, conferences, commerce missions, and trade events.
  • Offering training and education to International business leaders seeking to develop trade or investment in SS on the culture, language, history, etiquette, and business practices to be successful.
  • Offering advocacy and lobbying services in International governments for the promotion of economic interests for Chamber members.
  • Facilitate consortium programs between International and South Sudan in the areas of (cultural exchange, educational support/training, research and development programs)

  • International Federal/State/Municipal government officials
  • International Institutions
  • International Businesses and Industries
  • South Sudan Federal/State/Municipal government officials
  • South Sudan Institutions
  • South Sudan Businesses and Industries
  • Non for profit sector

  • Academic/Education
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications/Internet
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Legal

The Council of South Sudan and International Relations

is an organization ...